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The uncomfortable moment when you tell your work pals that you are writing a ballet and they LAUGH OUT LOUD for a little too long.  Thanks, friends. 

Personally I think it’s a fun venture and challenge for myself, but I think my cheeks will be flushed for the remainder of the morning when I think about it…

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From time to time I log into my husband’s email account and send him messages from his future self. General tips and tricks to live his (/my) best life. I’m 99% sure he believes they are legit.

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I’ve finally fallen down the Mad Men rabbit hole. My butt has been parked in front of Netflix during naps and after baby bedtime all weekend. Not sure if it’s because I love the show or because I was sick of not knowing what other people were talking about, but I’m hooked. See you in 2 months/70 episodes.

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Sick kid

I’m home with a sick baby girl for the first time today. Even today with boogs all over her face she is such a fun, happy girl. I think it’s just a bad cold caught from her dad (who keeps calling himself “patient zero”…doctor humor.), but I know I wouldn’t want other kids at the sitters getting snot all over Marj if the tables were turned.

I’m hoping this does not become a regular thing (because I only have a few paid days to burn), but I feel so lucky to have a kid who has been so healthy and happy over the past year. And, I have to admit, it’s kind of nice to have an extra day at home to finish the laundry, etc I never really got to over the weekend.

One sick day and she is over a year old…not bad!

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I ordered a “Protein Packed Quinoa Bowl!” at brunch today. I mean, it was GOOD, but I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I think I’m going to nap while M naps today, and I will undoubtedly be dreaming of perfectly season & crisped-to-perfection home fries while I do.

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